All those times

I hushed in your ear

trying to wash over the fires of your mind

gauzy, shallow

barely air

fed slowly, so as not to stir you

blanketing your cheek warm with mine

so still, I’d stay

’til it passed through

and away

did you even need me there?

What of those times

I kissed your hands

your hands in mine

your hands are mine

pressing down ’til you could feel me

pressing down ’til they’re not mine

did you take those kisses, love?

Oh all these times

I cling to you and move with you

tribal drums of the earth

angel songs of the heavens

my senses stretching, waning

fighting with me, fighting for you

is this all I’ll ever know?

All the times that I recall

and question

savor, battle, need

In all these times

those times

my times

our times

there was never a time

when I was not yours

~written by the owner of this blog~

The Room

In a room of darkness and light

a room that plainer imaginations would not bother to draw

yet rich in a touchless reality most cannot construct

built all in a moment, when a life burned away

death without dying

How in that one moment, did it all burn away?

Words find no way to land here

pain, pleasure. sadness, joy

all known, within a half-step through that frameless door

But are not words needed? Do voices not wish to find their sounds here?

what is this place that moves me, instructs me, whispers such silent meaning

Oh mystical, haunting room

How did you carve your space into my once-reasonable mind?

~written by the owner of this blog

A Dream for My Death

I dreamt of a beautiful death

by slow dissolve into your skin

warm and calm, I liquefy

and the last of my aching releases

and the last of my moments are kind

All that I was, all for this purpose

to fill all the voids within you

and all of the cracks you fell into

to leave you sweet and ever peaceful

complete, my love, forever complete

For this, it would be worth everything

~written by the owner of this blog~