Feverish hunter

how I love the deep, quiet steps of your stride

your desperate search for that sacred place

eyes wild for discovery

Let me draw you in

steal your breath with my mouth

have you feel my corrupt movements

fueled by greedy intention

to lead you there

then possess you

What deceit would I not commit

to keep you, blinded in my storm

drunk on my wine

and absolve you

of any need to return

to a still world, outside my whirling field

Oh stay, my frenzied hunter, my willing captive

and what a palace I will build for you

~written by the owner of this blog~

Mundane woman

wonderful, obliging girl

unremarkable as she lives in her world

Paper and buttons

glowing screens

tasks and chores

conversations filled with

how do you dos

where have you beens

reassurances, genuine and warm

But the buzz in her ear

how unrelenting, this buzz in her ear

calling out, like a crying child

echoing from every corner

Oh, you merciless thing

seeking the comfort of her breast

how she carries you with her

in this unremarkable world

The roads we travel

unique, alike, the solace of human empathy

the knowledge that they are paved with

all the uncertainties of the vast, unknowable universe

But this mundane woman, this wonderful, obliging girl

she knows her one, lonely certainty

this buzz, as old as time itself

activated by chance, but perhaps not

and nor does it matter

It is tethered, rooted within her

proving its permanency, each second, each day

her constant, painful, alluring companion

But her path she must walk, as all the rest

so she travels the stretch of her existence

a mystery to her, just like all the rest

all but for this unrelenting buzz

this sound born under her bedrock, insisting on its secrets

this child that will quiet only at her final breath

And those who knew her

this mundane woman, this wonderful, obliging girl

will speak her name, and speak of her wonderful, obliging ways

never really having known her at all

If you keep your head down

I can’t force your chin up

on the ground, it is written ‘she loves you’

Your eyes closed and away

I can’t search for your gaze

under lid, it is flashing ‘she loves you’

Push me hard out of mind

I can’t unlock that door

but the voice in the back says ‘she loves you’

Ticker tapes in the sky

looping songs in the air

will all tell you the same, that I love you

And I do

~written by the owner of this blog~