Coordinates within

like thread through a needle

you pull through me

how I long for spools of you

drawn out in silky, endless ribbons


The quivering nucleus

of an altered anatomy

an alien topography

undisciplined, untamed

and aching

as the tide begging for the moon


The shimmering sands of my surrender

are yours alone to admire


But oh, how I revel

in paving the path of your orbit

for my moon, as I am your tide

I am also your sun

painting our sky

with the pulsing light

of our swirling helix


This is truth of our energy

evolving, merging, unbreakable

This is the truth of our energy

it is ours, my love


and ours alone


~written by the owner of this blog~










I adore you in every geometry

each curve and line of shape

fills with the silent prayer of your name

and my heart beat, a well-worn catapult

sails my precious constructions

through the tumbling depths of space

so the heavens are sure to know who you are


~written by the owner of this blog~

The Volunteer

Sliced the front, sighing

spilled out, piling

kick the pieces off the ground

send it down the hole


You’re not right for this

Speak, speak, highness

Find the other delegates

Point them all back home


Fill it up slowly

Bloated, growing

It’s not like they say it is

Better than reborn


I’ll be back someday

Never, one day

It’s not like it’s permanent

to be all alone


Send it down

Send it down

Send it down

Send it down


~written by the owner of this blog~