The Blue Hour (What You Couldn’t See)

In the blue hour of dawn

I find a lazy space to curl under you

content in my wait, feeling your sleep

history floating past my heavy eyes


its letters

once like old, cracked cement

break through, stretch and reform

into words that begged, in darkness, to be rewritten

for so long


these beautiful new truths

airy and bathing in the light

of a new day


and this chaos of shattered pieces

of what we thought we knew

mixes with the once-violent pulse of the universe

then suddenly


building an effortless road under our feet


but as you begin to stir

and your heavy eyes find mine

I think nothing of history

nor of a future still tucked in its folds


I think only of my deep gratitude for this


another dawn

another blue hour

with you


~written by the owner of this blog~