You deserve words that run

bright and hot

across a million, fertile oceans

I ask you now

plead, forgiveness

I am wretched, wrecked

stilted and stunted


I have no song for you

but please, my love, remember

you are my song

and I carry you

in all your complexity and beauty

inside my heart, eternal


You always know where to find me

beside you

in that place we built from our chaos, faded

with our love, timeless


If my echo did not reach you

though I know it did, it does, it will

Here are my whispers that stretch to forever

I love you, always

I miss you, always

I’m proud of you, always

I’m right here



Now I ask you, again

plead, again


I am stunted








run that words deserve you

~written by the owner of this blog~



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