When a Cover Outdoes the Original. No. 1: Sacrifice, as covered by Sinead O’Connor. Original by Elton John.

This is a song about the resignation of love, and Sinead takes Bernie Taupin’s lyrics and delivers stunning vocal artistry within a simple arrangement that allows her to shine. Sinead doesn’t throw away one word: She crafts every single note carefully to tell a story that will make your heart quiver before it breaks (which will happen when she harmonizes with herself). It makes John’s version seem hokey in comparison (forgive me…much respect for Elton). I never, never get over this performance. She’s beyond brilliant. I hope Taupin sent her a gift basket or something. You can find this version on the John/Taupin tribute album called Two Rooms.

Songs I Sing When I Daydream About Singing Songs: No. 1, Turning Japanese, by the Vapors

Let’s be clear. I have no plans to karaoke … ever. It’s just not my thing. But I admittedly harbor frequent daydreams of singing certain songs on a stage. I also may or may not act out these fantasies at home with a London souvenir ruler.

For example ….

Turning Japanese, by the Vapors.

This song would be a blast to perform. The cadence and lyrics are fun as hell, and you definitely need to jump around with abandon and let it get weird. REALLY weird. I mean, look at this guy. He’s tweaked out and it’s fantastic.

While I cannot confirm trying this at home with my London souvenir ruler, I can tell you that you do need a lot of athleticism to pull this off. Two words: Cardio. Training. However, you may modify with an enactment in your car while driving down a stretch of road late at night (not that I’ve done it, mind you ….)

This video, by the way, is pure gold for someone like me, who had early MTV serving as the babysitter. It’s a classic. It features a geisha. I mean, c’mon ….

I’m also quite aware of the supposed inspiration behind the song, and I think it only makes my daydream more appealing. I really think so, think so, think so …

Song #1. I have to start somewhere.

My first blog post! Hmmmmmmm … guess I have to start somewhere. So, here is somewhere.

I haven’t played in more than 25 years, even though I’ve had my childhood piano for years now and honestly, I had 2 measly years of lessons and I remember very little. But for reasons I can’t explain, even to myself, I felt inspired. So I decided to write my first song (or I should say “finish” it, because I’ve had the melody in my head for a long time). I made myself delirious in the process, but I’m proud of it. I have no idea if I’ll try again. I did, however, have fun.